Contract Sales


CHC’s Contract Sales Department has been the cornerstone of our business since we opened our doors in 1963. From Los Angeles’ skyscrapers, to major government buildings, to the local elementary school, we’ve done it all. Our extensive resources and highly trained and experienced staff enable us to provide our products and services to a wide range of projects. No job is too large or too small. A select list of our past projects can be viewed here.

The Bid Process

We work directly with Southern California’s largest building contractors. CHC’s sales force and management team carefully prepares each bid using the architectural drawings and specifications. Our decades of specification writing ensure an accurate and complete interpretation of the documents. Our vast buying power and longtime factory-direct relationships with the world’s largest door and hardware manufactures enables CHC to provide extremely competitive bids on even the largest projects.


Once awarded a project, our team of professionals gets to work. Using the latest computer technology, our engineers generate shop drawings and hardware schedules for the architect’s approval. All drawings and schedules are carefully reviewed by our AHC/CDC accredited experts before being submitted.


Upon receiving the approved shop drawings and hardware schedules, we begin the purchasing process. Our project managers work with the contractor to develop a timeline and delivery schedule for all materials. We have very close ties with the manufactures in our industry. Our purchasing department works closely with the manufactures. Together, we carefully schedule each delivery to ensure that the project progresses in a smooth and timely manner.

Preparing For Delivery

Hardware, doors, and frames are delivered to our 17,000 square foot warehouse in Pomona, California. Each piece of finish hardware is carefully marked with the door number and cross referenced with the hardware schedule, then neatly packaged and delivered to the jobsite. Hollow metal doors and frames, and wood doors are either delivered to our door and frame warehouse, or shipped directly to the jobsite from the manufacturer. Each delivery is carefully coordinated between our project manager and the jobsite superintendent.

Follow up

Our huge hardware inventory enables us to process any change orders and additions to the job in a timely manner. Our project managers and support staff are always on hand to assist in any way. We pride ourselves in providing the best follow up service in the industry. We do not consider our job complete until the entire project is complete.